Rainbow Six Siege: Operator Deimos

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege still experiences a large player base 8 years after its release, and it is largely thanks to the instalment of new R6 operators with every season. With ‘Operation Deadly Omen’ released in March 2024, Deimos has been introduced to the game, the newest Rainbow Six Siege operator, a force to be reckoned with.

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Deimos’ Special Ability

Rainbow Six Siege Deimos’ special gadget, known as DeathMARK, is a tiny R6 drone that can constantly track enemy defenders wherever they go. Players will see a red ping on the enemy when their Rainbow Six Siege drone has located them. When deploying the gadget, players get to choose which defender to track from a list shown on their screen. However, only those R6 defenders will appear on the list that have been scanned using drones.

When an opponent is being tracked, only you will be able to see his/her location instead of the entire team. Moreover, the defender being tracked can see your location as well, but to the defender your location is not constantly shown, rather it is shown after intervals (like Jackal’s tracker). Players get 3 DeathMARK trackers in total.

Deimos’ Loadout

For the Rainbow Six Siege primary weapon, gamers get to choose between the AK47M Assault Rifle or the M590A1 shotgun. We recommend using the shotgun as the AK47M is not the most accurate and has more recoil.

The real star of the show, however, is the secondary, the .44 Vendetta. Its magazine has 6 bullets, has low recoil and can kill enemies in 2 shots. Ubisoft has even equipped the .44 with a special crosshair. It also happens to be the only R6 gun players can use while Deimos’ ability is enabled.

For the gadgets, players can either equip the frag grenade, smoke grenade or the hard breach charge. The frag grenade is a perfect choice for the Deimos operator as it can force enemies to move out of hiding in corners.

How To Counter Deimos

All the things that we’ve said about Deimos are great, which begs the question, what should you do when the enemy team is using this Rainbow Six Siege operator? Well, there are a few R6 operators who can directly counter Deimos’ ability.

Vigil, for example, is completely safe from Rainbow Six Siege Deimos’ tracker while his ability is enabled. Mute is another R6 operator that is very useful in this situation. While the defender is near a Mute jammer, Deimos’ drones stop tracking the player.

Deimos is available to buy for 25,000 Renown in Rainbow Six Siege. He is an overpowered operator and coupling him with Lion or Blitz makes for an unstoppable team.

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