Luxury lodges V/S Tea House Trekking In Everest Region: Pros And Cons

Going for trek but confused about what to choose in the accommodation! Then, this blog is for you. I will try to explain all the pros and cons of the tea house trekking and luxury lodging available in the Everest Region. 


Before learning about the pros and cons of tea house trekking and luxury lodging, you must know about the basic differences between both of the accommodations. Tea House is known for its affordable pricing and services. You can enjoy the basic facilities and warm hospitality.

In contrast, luxury lodging has its meaning in its name. You will experience premium services with luxurious facilities. Moreover, you can have multiple options on whatever service or food items you wish for. For all these facilities, you have to pay premium prices. 

While both accommodations have their benefits, not all hikers like both. Some may be in search of basic facilities and enjoy traditional foods, whereas some may prefer luxurious services and may be ready to pay any amount for them.  

These are the differences in the different mindsets of different persons who want to enjoy the natural beauty and experience their preferred hospitality and accommodations. 

Tea House Trekking In The Everest Region

Tea House Trekking is known for its basic service at an affordable price. You can stay in these lodges experiencing the hospitality of Sherpa peoples. The traditional dishes prepared by these people are delicious. 

Moreover, you will also learn about their traditions, cultures, and lifestyle. Sherpa people are very humble and respectful. They greet their guests and treat them like their own family members. However, there are other sides that you may not like about tea house trekking. 

Pros of tea house trekking in the Everest Region

Affordable pricing

The first thing that anyone can guess about tea houses is their affordable pricing. You can enjoy all the basic facilities in a much smaller amount than you expected. 

The affordable pricing of all the services that the tea house provides helps you enjoy the Himalayan region without worrying about the money crisis. A normal-income person also can afford to go for a hike. 

Interactions with the local peoples

The best last part of the tea house trekking is that you will get to interact with local Sherpa people and experience their cultures and traditions. Moreover, you will be blessed with their humble and warm hospitality in their local lodges. 

Interactions with people who have different cultures and traditions enrich your knowledge and change your way of thinking about other people. 

Traditional meals

Those traditional meals are just finger-licking good. You will get to enjoy the delicious traditional meals prepared by the locals. 

These meals reflect the culture and hospitality of the Sherpa people. After tea house hiking, you will surely miss these traditional food items. 

Comfortable lodging

You can enjoy various comfortable lodgings in tea houses at lower altitudes. You can get a room with attached bathrooms and a limited hot shower facility.

Lighter packing

Tea houses offer you various trekking gadgets in the tents, so you don’t have to carry all the gear and gadgets all the way long. You can simply rent and return after the particular trek is finished. 

This facility makes your baggage lighter, and you can pack it lighter without worrying about these tiny things. 

Social interactions

Along the way, you get to interact with your fellow trekkers. This opportunity boosts social skills and collaborations in different trekking routes. 

After communicating with other fellow trekkers, you will feel like a human in remote and unknown places like the Everest region.

Cons of tea house trekking in the Everest Region 

Lack of pre-booking facilities

There is no pre-booking system in a teahouse in the Everest Region. If you come first, you will get a room. If you are late or arrive after all rooms are occupied, you may not find the room. 

This is one of the major cons of the tea house trekking in the Everest Region. Getting a room in tea houses is getting lucky in a lucky draw. You hardly win. 

No credit card acceptance

Most of the tea houses are run by the locals of the region. They may not be familiar with the card swipe system. This may be one of the reasons for not accepting cards. 

So, you have to manage and carry enough cash with you. This may cause inconvenience as you may face a shortage of cash during the journey.

Have shared squat toilets

As you go higher, there are fewer facilities available in the tea houses. Shared squat toilets are one of them. 

At higher altitudes, you may not find private or Western-style toilets. This may not be preferable to all hikers. Moreover, you had to share the toilet with other fellow hikers who were staying in the same tea house. 

Not luxurious lodging in higher altitudes

You may not prefer using limited facilities. You may want to take a hot shower but due to limitations, you may not be able to shower properly.

Moreover, you may feel uncomfortable in beddings available in the tea houses at higher altitudes.

Luxury Lodges In The Everest Region

Luxury lodges trek in Everest region provide comfortable accommodation. Every facility is available in these lodges. Strict professionalism is maintained by the staff of the lodge, which makes you feel like you are in a premium place.

Moreover, you will get all the premium facilities in these lodges. During rest days, you can do a luxury Everest Base camp trek, watching the scenery of the beautiful Himalayas. 

Pros of the luxury lodges in the Everest Region

Luxurious experiences 

In the luxury lodges, you will get to experience luxurious services, fine dining, and comfortable bedding. These premium facilities make you feel like you are in a professional and organized world. 

Moreover, you will have private attached bathrooms with Western-style toilets. You will experience warm hospitality from the very professional staff if you choose the luxury Everest Base Camp trek.

Professional guidance

You will have guidance from professionals with years of experience in the trekking field. Advice from the right personnel is very beneficial while going trekking in the Everest Region. 

Moreover, they will guide you on what to do and what not to do during hiking in the Everest Region. 

Spa treatments, massages, and wellness components

This facility is the best. Spa treatments and massages when you are tired, after the hours of the hike, give the best relaxation. 

Moreover, the staff of luxury lodges will care about your wellness components, so you don’t have to worry about the tiny things and enjoy the journey. 

Private cultural shows

You will get to attend private cultural shows that reflect the traditions and culture of the Sherpa people. 

Personalized attention 

In the luxury Everest Base Camp trek, you will get personalized attention from the staff of the luxury lodges. If you need anything, there are enough staff to fulfill your needs. 

Premium quality equipment

When you pay a premium price in luxury lodges, you will get to use premium quality equipment. This equipment doesn’t get damaged easily and is long-lasting. 

Furthermore, you will feel comfortable and won’t get hurt while handling this equipment.

Cons of the luxury lodges in the Everest Region

•     Too costly compared to normal lodging

Luxury lodges are too costly and may not be preferred by every hiker. These lodgings are always priced higher compared to the normal lodges. 

It may seem a little unfair to have services similar to those provided by normal lodges at lower prices. 

•     Limited number of luxury lodges 

As there are limited numbers of luxury lodges, it may be difficult to pre-book during peak seasons. Lots of people go trekking during the main seasons. This may cause overcrowding in luxury lodges. 

Because of the overcrowding, you may required to pay extra fees just to avoid cancellation at the last minute. 

•     Lack of authentic cultural experience 

Even though you get to attend private cultural shows, you may lack the authentic experience that you can experience in tea houses. 

The authentic experience is always best in local tea houses, which makes luxury lodging less preferable by many trekkers. 

•     New rules and restrictions may cause inconvenience

Because of the raised concerns about environmental awareness by different activists, some rules have been implemented, and restrictions have been imposed. By the rules, you must follow the guidelines about the length of the tent, you can’t throw electronic waste, etc. 

Moreover, helicopter use in these areas may be limited. These restrictions may decrease comfort levels. You may not be able to experience the same level of luxury that was experienced by previous trekkers. 

Final words

It completely depends upon your preference, affordability, and comfort level, whether to go for tea house trekking or luxury lodging trek. While tea houses may give you a more authentic experience, you can experience premium services in luxury lodges.  While choosing, decide on a budget that you can spend, think about what type of experiences you want on your desired comfort level, and th

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