Identity Verification | Streamline Customer’s Traveling Experience

Digitization has led travelers to book their flights through online platforms. The traveling industry has faced a significant surge in recent years, allowing thousands of individuals to cross the border regularly. Today’s travelers prefer using digital forums to book flights, as it is time-saving and convenient. Unfortunately, this shift to online flight booking has prompted scammers to manipulate traveler’s identities. A 2017 stat shows that 3.5% of mobile flight bookings were considered unauthorized by all airlines due to the detection of suspicious activities. The reason is that the traveler’s identity verification was not as adequate as it should be. To overcome this issue, their identities must be verified for a smooth traveling experience.                

Safe Travels – Identity Proofing for Secure Booking

Individuals regularly travel to new countries to broaden their knowledge of other cultures. They want to experience a smooth travel experience to detox their minds from daily hassles. The traveling industry must ensure that only legitimate entities book the flights and that imposters are not involved in the process. Customers must go through an extensive identity verification process before proceeding with the booking process. 

They must prove their identity through document validation, which can be done through remote biometric solutions. Biometric verification saves flight onboarding time and provides authentic protection from travel scams by incorporating multi-layered verification checks. The traveler’s flight details are protected from illicit access, preventing the risk of credit card fraud and impersonation attacks.             

Online ID Verification – An Automated Solution for Detecting Travel Scams 

Travel scams have significantly increased over recent years, allowing imposters to damage the traveler’s traveling experience. Imposters collaborate with accommodation providers and trip advisors to inflate the traveler’s traveling expenses. They steal the traveler’s credit card information and use it to book online flights, later requiring the travel agencies to refund and compensate the booking charges. The travel agencies can also commit fraudulent activities by showing fake hotel and flight bookings, causing the hotel management to pay the underlying costs. 

A common traveling crime occurs when illicit hotels store laundered money in the traveler’s room, which police officers later inspect, and the travelers are held accountable for the money laundering crime. To overcome such travel frauds, the higher authorities must authenticate the traveling agency’s identities to prevent such attacks from harming the travelers. For this purpose, KYC-compliant online identity verification must be utilized to protect travelers from money laundering and related travel scams. Biometric face recognition and fingerprint scanning can validate the agency’s identities using machine learning technologies, mitigating online fraud.             

ID Verification – Enhancing the Traveler’s Authentication Journey 

Identity verification can enhance the traveler’s journey as all the travel procedures are undertaken securely. Digital identity verification solutions allow travelers to validate their identities for a seamless flight experience, as it requires travel agencies to build a fraud prevention policy. These companies can use video KYC and liveness detection to validate the customer’s real existence by comparing their facial features with the stored identity information in the government’s official directories. 

The higher authorities must authenticate the legitimacy of travel agencies to avoid travel fraud. They should check their authenticity through an extensive risk assessment, which can be done through an enhanced due diligence process. It verifies whether or not the agency’s beneficial owner is involved in illegal activities or not. This screens out the illicit entities after a thorough risk profile and financial history analysis.   

Identity Authentication – Streamline Check-ins for Enhanced Traveling Experience

The airport check-ins can take a lot of time, which exhausts the travelers before onboarding hectic long flights. It is essential to use biometric verification solutions that allow travelers to cross the airport checkpoints in seconds because once the biometric information is stored in the official databases, it can quickly bypass airport and hotel check-ins. This service saves significant time as it prevents a biometrically verified identity from waiting in long manual verification queues.    

Identity Verification Online – Digital Identity Wallets for Secure Travels 

A digital identity wallet is an online platform dedicated to helping customers keep their authentic and private information secure with encrypted codes. Travelers can use these automated wallets to fill out the authentication forms and verify ID online. These wallets can automate airport and hotel check-ins. The digital wallet lets customers secure their biometric information in the application, which can be linked with their luggage receipts and boarding passes. This service allows travelers to use the identity wallet to avoid long check-in queues, as biometric checks can be done efficiently and quickly. 

Summing It Up

Identity verification can streamline the traveler’s experience by authenticating the traveler’s and traveling agency’s identities with automated solutions. Digital verification solutions provide a seamless onboarding experience for travelers, protecting them from ever-evolving travel scams. Travel agencies and agents must provide document verification for extensive authentication, preventing them from engaging in illicit activities. Automated verification solutions use deep learning technology to create digital identity wallets, which allows travelers to optimize their flight information seamlessly.    

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